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Covigton Catholic (6-0) V Cincinnati Lassale (5-1)

 Some key matchup’s this week in week six. We have a cross state showdown between powerhouse catholic school’s Covington Catholic and Lasalle. The school’s have had many lop sided meeting’s in the past.  This year Coach Evinston and the Blue Boys have a  great squad. At 6-0, Covington Catholic is the number one rated team in their class in Kentucky. All this being true, I will still take a battle tested Lasalle team here.

Lasalle is just too much 28-21

franklin.jpgNext, we have Franklin (5-1) V. Valley View (5-1) Both teams are playing good smashmouth football. Franklin has alot to prove after they missed the playoffs last year. Coach Childers and the Wildcats look to continue playing outstanding defense while letting their potent senior class lead the way. Returning multiple offensive and defensive players from last year including there gifted quarterback, look for Franklin to fight 4 quarters and sneak away with a W.

Fearless Forcast: Franklin edges Valley View  21-17 


Up North to Hamilton Badin we go. Badin (4-2) and there kid’s are coming off the biggest Badin Victory in recent memory. I remember when the GCL was divided into a north and south, a Central/North/South/, and now into a GCL south and GCL coed league. Over the course of those 20 plus some odd years one thing has remained constant. Alter owns the GCL ‘small school’ league. For all coach Ed Domsitz and his boys up north do is win GCL and state championships. In fact, in the past 8 years Domsitz is 7-1 when playing for the GCL championship. If I went back through his 42 year historic career I would be hes over 700 % winning the GCL coed Championship. Ram’s quarterback Zach Switzer became a living legend in the tight Badin Community. The quarterback who led the Ram’s Past Alter. UC recruit, Patrick Coyne couldnt do it, Zach Toerner failed 3 times, so many great quarterbacks have came and went in 22 years. Only one has beat Alter in two decades. Zach Switzer, have yourself a week kid! It was a great win for Badin and I think they ride the momentum into week 7 and pull off another big upset of the CJ Eagles.

Fearless Forecast: Badin 22-CJ 21


Springboro (6-0) v Springfield (5-1) will be a classic matchup of northern powers. Springboro has a perfect record coming into this game and the feeling is they have even more to prove. Many people are starting to notice the lack of respect Springboro gets. A win against Springfield proved your legit. Wait, Springboro has beaten Mason, Northmont, Wayne, and curb stomped everyone else they have played.  Ryan Wilhite and the boys plan to keep there head down and continue to grind. I really like some of Springboro’s wins and I know they are being coached the right way. But something about Springfield makes me nervous. The speed, the athleticism, the power, may prove to be to much for Springboro and their hopes for a perfect season. This was the second hardest game to pick behind Covington Catholic and Lasalle. Ill take Springboro and Ryan Wilhite in a chess match that coach rarely loses.

Fearless Forecast: Springboro 35- Springfield 28


Battle in the CHL. Wyoming (6-0) looks to defend their ridiculous perfect Seasons. If blowing out their opponent in last years state championship wasn’t enough, Coach Hancock and his coach’s  must be the most well behaved coaching staff’s in America because someone upstairs is looking out for them. Not to say they aren’t great coach’s. I just don;t know how a tucked away, sleepy little community in the suburbs of Cincinnati keeps reloading with studs.

I remember when Larry Black played D-Line for the Cowboys back in  2007. He was like a NFL player tossing around highschool kids. He was awesome. Yet, this year the Cowboys have a record breaking linebacker that is a wild man, a bad bad dude, a heat seeking missile searching for his next victim. Camden”OG” O’Gara is one of my favorite high school players to watch and read about. Not because he holds records or scores touchdowns on D. He plays like you stole something from him. He follows in the footsteps of his coach, he talks the talk and walks the walk 24-7. We need more people like that in this world. Too many people have big plans, great ideas, infinite dreams that live in the ‘what if’. They don’t succeed because they aren’t confident in themselves. They never actually tell anybody about what their dreams and goals are. O’Gara was quoted in the paper saying ” Coach Hancock tells us to take the X off our back and put it on our chest, we  love that”. He is fun, energetic, and a Defensive coach. He also embraces the hate a winner gets. He tweets out some classic material. “Players gonna play. Haters Gonna Hate” and hate they do. Alot of teams hate Wyoming. Not in a spiteful way but filled with jealousy. Its easy to lust for someone else’s success. Its hard to work and earn your own. Hancock embraces the process and his players stand behind him ready for war. In reality, Hancock could mean a million things by telling his squad to “wear the X.” In my universe he means exactly what I said above. Dont fear success. Do not be scared of being great. Be bold and tell eveyone exactly what your going to do, then go do it. Everyday, hype the X on your chest, you have earned it, wear it with pride Wyoming Football.

The QB is a ESPN 250,All American ,that looks like Russel Wilson when he scrambles.  I cant wait to watch him grow into a starting Quarterback for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. I’ve coached Army All American’s, they can make coach’s carer’s. People will laugh at me all the time when I tell them that. Truth is college coach’s would give away their soul’s too get kids in there building’s. The idea that they wouldn’t provide a recruits coach with a six figure job to be a quality control adviser is laughable. If you think Gus Malzahn went from coaching snot nosed teens in Arkansas, to winning a  National Championship at Auburn because he was a great X’s and O’s guy you aren’t paying attention. Gus took prized recruits with him to be the OC at Arkansas. He took guys Arkansas couldn’t get. Gus took prized All American Quarterback Mitch Mustain, Ben Clevland, Andrew Norman, and Damian Williams all with him to the University of Arkansas. Enough is Enough with the rant

Fearless Forecast: Wyoming continues its dominance 42-7 over Deer Park. 



We also have Little Miami (5-1) v. Harrison (5-1)

Battle for the SWOC is here. This game will help decide the true champion of the conference. Little Miami has a lot to prove after they lost there head coach to Hamilton High School this year. The culture is set, the kids are ready, but can they still win the big games without coach Nate Mahon? Harrison and there smash mouth defense looks to smother Little Miami for 4 quarters on Friday. Harrison is led by a senior laden defense that ranks at the top of the SWOC and the entire state of Ohio. This game will come down to the fourth quarter and whoever takes care of the football will win.

Fearless Forecast: Harrison 35- Little Miami 24