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Fairfield High School Football: Attention Media- Can we all just forget about the “playoff Curse”




Jason Krause has won at every stop, Monroe, Middletown, and now he’s turned Fairfield into a Perennial Powerhouse in south west Ohio. Krause took over in 2011 and produced just three combined wins in two years. Advancing to the Division I postseason has been the Indians’ standard ever since.


He yells and yells and gets into us,When he has energy, we have energy. When he’s pumped, we’re pumped. When he yells at us, we know, it’s time to lock in.

Sawiaha Ellis : on what its like playing for Coach Krause. Krause has put together a very impressive resume with winning seasons at every stop in Butler County. ( Monroe, Middletown, Fairfield)
Clemson offensive lineman Jackson Carman (79) blocks for running back Travis Etienne (9) against Georgia Tech during the 1st quarter Thursday, August 29, 2019 at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium. Bart Boatwright/The Clemson Insider

For over five years Fairfield High School has produced the top echelon of talent in the Tri State area. For five strait years the Fairfield Indians have made it to the OHSSA Division one playoffs only to be bounced in the first round. That doesn’t diminish the influx of talent walking the Fairfield halls. The reports have were coming in far and wide this offseason. Question marks aimed at Jason Krause, a new Athletic Director, Superintendent Billy Smith. When will the Indians break the curse? Is Krause Cursed? I think his simple answer would be 5-0.

Starting all the way back with Josiah Scott, the best corner I’ve seen play in years. Throughout the years came and went Malik Vann, sophomore impact player at the University of Cincinnati. Erik All, freshman tightend at Michigan. Current players like Toledo commit, qb/db Sawiaha Ellis. University of Kentucky commit Jutahn Mcclain, Army All American, number one rated player in Ohio, number one rated Offensive tackle in the country Jackson Carman. Fairfield has produced, not just raw talented 4-5 🌟 players every year. But the Indians have produced what Dabo Swinney has recently acknowledged as not just a “special talent” in Carman but a “very good football player”.

And woah, Coach Swinney hits the nail on the head. The talent over the past five year’s at Fairfield has not only been abundant but it’s been developed, coached, and transformed until all the special sauce has been used up. What is leftover is what Dabo calls a ” very very good football player.” Not just the special RAW talent all coach’s dream of but high IQ, high motored, technicians of the game. Men who know nothing but the warriors code and who perform on Fridays, Saturdays, and soon enough Sundays. Ever heard of Jalin Marshall? How about a guy that belts bombs during playoff baseball, Kyle Schwarber? I don’t believe in coincidence or luck so whatever special juice Krause is giving these boys, it’s special and it’s real. What I call his special sauce is really just some old school tough love and passion for the game of football. Anyone who talks to Coach Krause for longer than five minutes knows he was born to do this.

Like a wise old ball coach once told me- men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t lie. Krause is a producer and unlike the rest of the “local media members” I won’t point to the slight failures because the accomplishments far outweight any first round playoff stumble. At 5-0, Krause and his ever evolving coaching staff have done it again. With a handful of 3 – 5 stars the Indians are dominating one of the best conferences in the nation (GMC). And yet I still can’t help but too think back to summer interviews. All off-season I heard a familiar theme over and over again -enters snot nosed reporter who’s never played a down of football in their lives – What about the playoff losing streak? Why can’t you win and get out of the first round? Does it remind you of the Bengals and the Marvin Lewis streak? Oh, who could forget the most repeated Fairfield football interview question of the off-season -What’s the next step for the program? Dumb, dumb, and believe it or not even dumber questions posed by folks who have never played and definitely never will coach. What about the real questions? Coach Krause how many of your players graduate every year? Coach K how many hours did you spend talking to college coaches in your office this week? How many hours did you spend with someone else’s son today? How many lives have you changed this offseason coach? Safe to say,more than all of us.

Down in Clemson Dabo Swinney goes on and on singing Jackson Carman’s praises, applauding his effort and attitude toward being one of the “best offensive lineman in the country.” “He (Carman)doesn’t just want to be the best in our league, he wants to be the best in the country,period,” stated Swinney. Carman is playing as a sophomore, still in his teens, with four senior offensive lineman with alot to prove. Swinney chimes in quickly reminding ” it has been a dominate group, just their energy and their effort, they have been outstanding.” Like a proud papa, Dabo smiles shaking his head with laughter thinking back to the highlight reel performance Carman put on in week one.

Dabo Sweeny huggin the Championship Trophy like its his newborn baby.

Dabo like coach Jason Krause of the Indians has an old country boy swagger to him. In fact, Id suggest that both coaches are cut from the same cloth. From the old faded ball caps each coach stashes away in their office, to the good luck charm krause keeps in his pocket. A small coin he rubs during every fourth quarter when things get to close. The both make a living coaching a child’s game. They would never tell you that though, the game is much more than that. It’s about changing young men’s lives forever ,turning young boys into men, changing lives everday for the better.

Malik Vann Pumps up the home crowd after a huge Sack at Nippert Stadium.

Finally, how does Krause and Dabo relate? I’ll admit Dabo has always been painted as more of a folk-lore legend around Southwest Ohio. Behind his old dusty ball cap and underneath a 6 year old Clemson sweat shirt lies the soul of one of the most mysterious college coaches left in the country. What makes Swinney tick? Why does he get so excited watching a 335 lb Jackson Carman run around a turf field bouncing defenders off of him left and right like a pin ball machine? Both coach’s are mysterious in nature and when asking Krause about his relationship with the top college coaches in the country he will always just smile and mysteriously describe his indifference toward the legendary coaches that grace his office every winter. He calls them “just old ball coaches to him.”